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Michael Amir

Co-Founder | CEO

  As CEO since Inception Michael has led the growth of OASIS’ Real Estate Projects in the South Side of Chicago. Michael is responsible for the company's vision, corporate strategy, and Team management.


  Michael graduated from Marymount California University with honors. He continued his education at the University of Southern California; however, in 2004 Michael decided to accept a job opportunity of a lifetime working with the Late Mr. Michael Jackson as his Executive Assistant. Fortunately, Mr. Michael Jackson was extremely impressed with Michael Amir's impeccable work habits and demonstration of strong business acumen and promoted him to his Chief of Staff.  After the untimely death of Michael Jackson, The Estate of Michael Jackson offered Michael an opportunity to work as an advisor; in which he worked for several years.


  Michael's vision and leadership skills inspired him to create and open a Production Studio growing it to a Million Dollar Company. Michael soon thereafter partnered with his long time business partner Faheem Muhammad to  acquire their first Investment property in January 2019. Starting with a $40,000 investment they have grown their real estate portfolio to dozens of units worth nearly $10,000.000. 

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