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About US

OASIS is a real estate investment and development company that focuses on creating transformational change in underserved, low-income neighborhoods.

The company was founded by a close group of friends who are determined to change the lives of residents of underprivileged neighborhoods similar to those that they grew up in. Ignored and in need of investment, the South Side of Chicago is where the OASIS journey began and where it continues.

Since our founding, In a short period of only three years, OASIS has successfully sourced, negotiated, acquired over 75 properties in low-income neighborhoods in Chicago creating a $10,000,000 portfolio from an investment of just $40,000.

Our value creation strategy is founded upon a deep understanding of the dynamics of the low-income neighborhoods we invest in, combined with operational excellence and strong established relationships with local partners and government. With a commitment to improving the lives and environments of the tenants we serve, OASIS builds superior quality housing and commercial real estate for our neighborhoods. Along with integrated community services for education, safety, and recreation, we intend to become a force for positive social transformation that will grow from individual homes to blocks to neighborhoods.

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